A Faery Kiss to Welcome You!

Welcome to Faery Dust...my little blog about all things faery. Here I will collect faery folklore, interesting links, and my own ramblings about faery oracle decks. So enter my Faery-realm, relax a bit and sip some Faery Tea, and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Froud's Faery Oracle Cards

I originally started this blog to explore faery card decks....specifically The Faery's Oracle cards but then I started a more general blog about cards and moved my faery card stuff there and was using this primarily for ALL things faery...but ...as you can see I haven't been posting here much....So I am planning to do my weekly post featuring one of Froud's faeries (either from a card or one of his many books.  I also have other faery decks but Froud's are by far my favorite....they are just so ....real.

They are just so delish!  The images evoke strange feelings of mischief and adventure, the descriptions of the fae are spot on and yet open ended enough to allow ones own imagination to carry the faery stories on and on.  This was my very first oracle deck and I fell in love with them immediately. I think they have been feeling a bit neglected in their silky bag. It's time to invite "my friends" here to Faery Dust and Faery Kisses to visit a bit!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Faeries Around the World

Did you know that faeries aren't always small, cute, and loveable?  In fact, most aren't.

Faeries in Scotland can have almost any shape or image but they are usually choose small human like appearance, Female faeries are very beautiful but can be spiteful and jealous. They can really be quite mean if provoked,. In the olden days in Scotland there were two groups of faeries: The Gude Faeries and the Wicked Wichts. Well, you can guess which group was a lot nicer to humans!

Now in Ireland, faeries can be quite mean if you get on the wrong side of them but they can also be kind and helpful. Most faeries live in bands or groups (both large ones and small ones) but some fae are solitary and prefer to be alone. The single ones dress much more simply in garments found in the forest, such as acorns and twigs.
In England, sometimes faeries are called Brownies as they dress in brown clothing. Brownies were thought to be attached to a home or a family. Changelings are also frequently talked about in English folklore. A changeling is a supernatural creature like a faery, left in place of a human baby.
Hobgoblins were solitary and were often quite mischievous!
We will continue throughout the month of January to gather information about faeries around the world.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Faery Finds

More holiday faery fun!  This cute idea of captured faeries takes on a holiday flair over at Cathie Filian.

A super cute faery Christmas card at CraftyCat 957
Another card from Seongsook's Creations.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Woodland and Christmas Faery Lights

What I am discovering as I blog here at Faery Dust is that finding Christmas faery stuff (or just faery in general)  is REALLY hard. I made a note to myself to try developing some things during 2015 to blog about and ideas that other faery lovers can use since this is an area of shortage. LOL
So I was super excited to find this fairy light art over at Making Lemonade.  So cute and wintery.
And how about these faery lights that are decorated using scraps of ribbon and material...they look so sweet on the mantle.
You can find the "how tos" over at Joli Paquet.
I'll keep searching and as I find more faery things I'll be sharing them here at Faery Dust.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Glowing Faeries in a Jar

So I've been seeing and reading all the faeries in a jar posts made with glow sticks and decided to do a bit of reading. Of course some have been photo shopped and your real experience may not be quite a Faery-lishus as they make it seem. But here's a picture of one someone actually made and it still seems pretty cute.  Also one post mentioned putting some white tulle in the jar for the glow stick liquid to cling to so it looks more "floaty" like.

                                                                Image from: JATW

Here's the one that uses the tulle. It's at: The Gold Jellybean

I still think it would be fun to try and some of the results, while not as awesome as the photo shopped versions, are still pretty cute.  I wonder if you added some green and/or red food coloring you could get them to glow Christmas-t for Christmas faeries?