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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Froud's Faery Oracle Cards

I originally started this blog to explore faery card decks....specifically The Faery's Oracle cards but then I started a more general blog about cards and moved my faery card stuff there and was using this primarily for ALL things faery...but ...as you can see I haven't been posting here much....So I am planning to do my weekly post featuring one of Froud's faeries (either from a card or one of his many books.  I also have other faery decks but Froud's are by far my favorite....they are just so ....real.

They are just so delish!  The images evoke strange feelings of mischief and adventure, the descriptions of the fae are spot on and yet open ended enough to allow ones own imagination to carry the faery stories on and on.  This was my very first oracle deck and I fell in love with them immediately. I think they have been feeling a bit neglected in their silky bag. It's time to invite "my friends" here to Faery Dust and Faery Kisses to visit a bit!

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